Our laboratory is part of the Department of Infectious Deseases on the campus of the University Hospital Heidelberg (see ‘Contact us‘) and is funded by CellNetworks – Cluster of Excellence (EXC81) .

The main aim of our lab is to investigate early host-arbovirus interactions using bunyaviruses as a model. Using cellular and molecular techniques in combination with video microscopy in live cells, we investigate how virus particles bind to cells, how they are internalized by endocytosis, and how they are transported to various organelles such as endosomes. We are also analyzing how the viral genome and accessory proteins escape into the cytosol. Through this research program, we expect to gain a detailed picture of the molecular and cellular mechanisms subverted by these viruses to infect a host. You will find a short introduction about our current work in the following links.

1. Biological significance
2. Bunyaviridae
3. Bunyavirus transmission
4. Bunyavirus entry
5. Research program

Last update: 2016.05.20